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Out of Hibernation

As the evenings get longer and the days get warmer and the country slowly crawls it's way out of lockdown, it feels like there is something in the air. For Unlucky Racing member Chris Wain this meant one thing, time to wake the beast.

After three long years in hibernation, the time was right to drag the ER34 out from it's unassuming lock-up, dust off the cobwebs and stick a fresh ticket on the old girl. Bought six years ago the car has done only sixteen thousand miles in its current ownership, which is backed up by its immaculate condition. With the introduction of the R34 generation of Skyline to the US market, prices of all models have gone up and up. Although aware of this Wainy tries not to give it a second thought. This 4 door, turbo charged, Japanese icon is Wainy's longest serving vehicle and it's not going to a new owner any time soon.

Having been inspired by Julian Smith of Garage D in his 4 door Blitz Skyline at a drift event, the missed purchase of an S15 led to the purchase of this stage 1 tuned Skyline. Other than maintenance and some TLC, this car has been kept as it was when it was imported. It was so good to see this rare and quirky super saloon back on the road and I can't wait to see more of it this summer.

This is my favourite shot from our little impromptu photoshoot... mainly because I nearly got ran over by a local BMW driver whilst sprawled out on the floor to take it!

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